Ayelet Zer Sheinboim


inspires and influences my life in many ways, but I will not mention the details here. I will tell you about how it appeared in my life. About the true love for beauty, aesthetics, creativity and the desire to learn. It inspires me to share my passion and knowledge with the world as I aim to make dreams come true through the art of ceramics.

The Studio

My studio is in Be’er Tuvia, a small village in Israel. We have chosen to set up the studio in a farm which belongs to my husband’s family to connect home with work.
My husband acts as an equal partner and supports my work throughout its entire process. He has help me build my studio, set up exhibitions, and assist in all other technical aspects of the profession and my life. The studio serves both adults and children who want to come and learn the art of ceramics and it serves me, in the process of creating the items for exhibitions and for teaching in the workshops.


For over two decades I have been a part of the art and ceramics field, but most of the years I was in the teaching side and not in the working side. After I was discharged from the army and went to the big trip like many others, I began to study art instruction and thus also practiced it. I taught art in high school, prepared students for the final examinations in art and art history, and I worked at my studio in the background as a hobby. In 2009, I decided that it was time to go back to my original love and teach art, but in my studio while focusing on creating. Three years ago I left the teaching profession to create items and participate in art exhibitions in Israel and abroad.


What do I do now?

I enjoy seeing how people create things they didn’t think they were capable of and how any person who claims that he has “two left hands” produces a lovely item. People need only a bit of encouragement, knowledge, tools and someone to believe in them – and they can create wonderful things.

Apart from the workshops that I teach, I create home fashion items (basins, lampshades, kitchen tiles, etc.) where each item is hand-made especially for the customer. As an artist, I always yearning to be inspired and share my knowledge with others.

I invite you to explore the site, learn about ceramics and workshops,
and to call now: 050-7632605 for more details! 

For any questions, you can contact me via email:
Ayelet.zer@gmail.com Or by phone: 972-50-7632605.
Address: Merhavia street, Moshav Be’er Tuvia, 83815, Israel.

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